Exclusive! Jacqueline Fernandez, In A Lusciously-Mounted Hollywood Actioner, Joins The League Of Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone

Jacqueline Fernandez In A Lusciously Mounted Hollywood Actioner, Joins The League Of Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone
Jacqueline Fernandez Joins The League Of Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone(Pic Credit: Movie Stills)

Bollywood meets Hollywood isn’t a new thing, but what late Irrfan Khan did & now Priyanka Chopra is doing will always remain special. Continuing the legacy is Jacqueline Fernandez, who is all set to make a big-budget Hollywood appearance soon. The details are too juicy to reveal in the first paragraph, so read on!

Our Lil-mystery birds have informed us that the Srilankan beauty will soon head to the west for a film. To be very clear, this project is different from Women Stories, which is an anthology of six stories and is technically Jacqueline’s H’wood debut.

What we’re told is that Jacqueline Fernandez has finally signed the dotted lines for a lusciously mounted Hollywood film. If you do the math, you would’ve already guessed that this will be an actioner.

Jacqueline Fernandez is supposed to perform some high-octane adrenaline-pumping action sequences for which she has already started the training. It’s also been said that this film is where she will raise the bar of hotness, dropping the jaws of many.

This exclusive news doesn’t end here as there’s more to it. The Kick actress and her team are looking for a summer announcement for the film. This means in the next couple of months, and we should see an official confirmation about the same.

This means she’s set to join the league of Priyanka Chopra & Deepika Padukone of spreading the desi hotness in the west. Stick to this space as we reveal more about Jacqueline Fernandez’s big Hollywood appearance. Will she romance an actor from the West? Who will direct this? All and more, coming soon!

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