Eamonn Holmes shares mum’s heartbreaking message to late dad – ‘love and loss all in one’

Eamonn Holmes spoke about his 92-year-old mother’s heartbreaking Valentine’s Day message to his late father on social media today. The 61-year-old took to Instagram to recount the story, which he said incorporated “love and loss all in one.”

Alongside a picture of his parents on their wedding day and a more recent photo of his mother Josephine, Eamonn shared the beautiful tribute.

The This Morning star told his 716,000 followers that his mum had re-read the couple’s last Valentine’s Day cards, which were sent three decades ago.

The TV star’s father Leonard died of a heart attack at the side of the road following a camping trip with his wife and Eamonn’s younger brother.

His post began: “My Father passed away 30 years ago. My Mum is 92 and almost entirely housebound.”

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The post brought a tear to the eye of many of his followers.

“Made me cry…what a beautiful enduring love story beyond the grave,” a third emotion social media user added.

“That’s beautiful yet so sad. I’ve got tears in my eyes reading this, another remarked.

A fifth follower added: “3.46am and I’m lay crying reading this. I can actually feel your Mum’s heartache…

“So sad yet so beautiful at the same time. Love to your wonderful mum.”


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