Duchess Kate’s 40th Birthday Will Be ‘Lower Key’ Than Meghan’s—Here’s How She’s Celebrating

Something simple. Kate Middleton’s 40th birthday celebrations are likely to be pretty low-key this year as families in the U.K. and around the world continue to scale back on large gatherings.

Duchess Kate turns 40 on January 9, 2022—and the milestone birthday is surely a cause for celebration. But according to royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti, Kate’s birthday plans may look a little different than initially planned given the recent surge in COVID-19 cases across the pond and around the world. “It’s going to be quite scaled back because of the COVID pandemic. I mean, here in the U.K., the numbers are back up again,” he told Us Weekly on January 4, 2022. “There’s no lockdown in place, but [there’s] some resistance to big gatherings. It’s something that people just maybe don’t think is the best thing to do.”

During this time, Sacerdoti notes that the royal family “will be keen to set an example to others” when planning their gatherings—even when it comes to the Duchess of Cambridge’s birthday. “So even for a big, important birthday, like her 40th, and even being who she is, she’s choosing perhaps to do something lower key,” he said, adding, “So [as] to set a good example.”

Duchess Kate isn’t the only royal to soon be a part of the 40s club. She will be joining her sister-in-law Meghan Markle, who celebrated the milestone birthday in August 2021 at home in Montecito, California alongside her husband, Prince Harry, and kids Archie and Lilibet. But according to Sacerdoti, Duchess Kate’s 40th birthday celebration is likely to be different from Meghan’s.

“We saw how Meghan conducted herself for her 40th,” the royal expert explained. “Meghan, of course, did that video where she had her new, let’s say initiative, announced where she was trying to help people or to get back into work after many people had lost their jobs with COVID through mentoring,” he said, referencing Meghan’s 40X40 charitable campaign launched under her and Harry’s Archewell Foundation.

Duchess Kate, for her part, is likely to celebrate her 40th a bit more subtly. “I don’t think we’ll be seeing anything similar from Princess Catherine,” the broadcaster noted. “I think that we’ll be seeing something a lot lower key is what we’ve been told.”

Instead of going all out, it’s possible that Kate’s 40th birthday celebration will look similar to the way she celebrated when she turned 39 in January 2021—that is, a quiet day at home with her husband Prince William and their three kids, Prince Geroge, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. At the time, the Duchess of Cambridge celebrated her day with “handmade birthday gifts and flowers” picked from the garden and gifted to her by her children, who also spent the day decorating “the cutest birthday cards using paint, glitter and sparkles,” according to a source who spoke to Us Weekly. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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