Dilip Kumar’s Dream Project ‘Kalinga’ Will Be Definitely Completed, Assures

'Kalinga' Producer Sangeeta Ahir Confirms Dilip Kumar’s Dream Project Will Be Definitely Completed
Dilip Kumar’s Last Project’s Producer Sangeeta Ahir Assures ‘Kalinga’ Will Be Completed ( Photo Credit – Facebook ; Wikimedia )

The entire Bollywood industry is mourning the loss of veteran actor Dilip Kumar. The news of his death has broken several hearts, and fans cannot stop talking about him. Although the late actor had quit acting for quite some time now, one of his projects still remains to be in question for not being completed. We are talking about the 1996 film Kalinga, which was the late actor’s first and last directorial film.

This 1996 film was almost 70% complete, but it got shelved for reasons unknown and never saw the light of the day. Now the dream project’s producer Sangeeta Ahir has finally opened up about this film, and we are sure every Sahab fan would be excited after listening to what the producer has said. Keep scrolling further.

Speaking to Eagles Vine after the demise of Dilip Kumar, Sangeeta Ahir said, “Kalinga is with us. Dilip Ji’s first and last directorial film is an encyclopedia for any filmmaker to see the way he has shot the film.”

Talking about this Dilip Kumar project further, Sangeeta also added, “it is so unfortunate that we lost Sahab although he was quite ailing. It would have been wonderful if he would have been there because it was his dream project. He did not do any other project after he started making Kalinga. He was so devoted and dedicated to the film. This was his dream. Let’s see if we could release this sometime soon.”

Talking about the execution process, the producer added, “We have to figure out how we can present it to some filmmakers because it is not just a film which has only commercial value. It’s much more than that. As the title suggests, it had a story connecting with all and needs to reach the right audience.”

Sangeeta Ahir concluded, “Kalinga will see the light of the day. This is Dilip Sahab’s dream project, and the whole industry will be looking forward to it.” Remembering Dilip Kumar, she says, “Aapka joh dream hai we will fulfil that dream.”

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