Did Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan have a list of baby names before picking Taimur and Jehangir? The actress reveals… – Eagles Vine

After naming their firstborn son Taimur Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor made headlines after they recently christened their second son as Jehangir. In her recently released book on pregnancy, Kareena opened up about the process that her husband and she went through before selecting the names.

In a recent interview with a news channel, Kareena revealed that they did not really have any list of baby names and that they chose Taimur and Jehangir because she and her family liked the names. The actress added that Saif and she never sat down and wrote names they liked. According to her, it just came to them.

When Kareena was still pregnant with Jeh, she had reportedly revealed that Saif and she have consciously decided not to think of names for their new baby. Speaking with Neha Dhupia during her radio show, Kareena had said that after the whole controversy of Taimur, both Saif and she have not even thought about it. She added that they are going to leave it last minute and then spring a surprise.

During Taimur, people believed that the couple has named their son after a Turkish invader. However, they had clarified that the name meant ‘Iron’. Even now, after it was out that Saif and Kareena have named their second son Jehangir, people started trolling the couple. In an interview with another news portal, Kareena stated that she has to start meditating now that she is pushed against the wall. According to her, we are talking about two innocent children here.

Elaborating further, Kareena added that she is a positive person and just wants to spread happiness and positivity. According to her, there is no place for negativity in their lives. She also pointed out to the fact how Covid-19 pandemic has brought the world closer and that is what all of us should think about.


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