Death In Paradise

Death In Paradise actress Joséphine Jobert, 35, has told fans she felt “dead inside” as she faced her phobia of crabs, for a scene in the latest episode of the show. DS Florence Cassell and DI Neville Parker (played by Ralf Little) returned to screens last night to investigate the demise of an archaeologist, poisoned on the island.

During the instalment, Neville was seen screaming as he dropped a box of crabs but later faced his own fears and entered a crab-cooking competition, with the help of Florence.

At one point in the show, she turned to her colleague and said: “I have to ask, why are you so scared of crabs?”

Surprised by her response, he asked: “Why are you not?!”

While she appeared confident holding the crustacean on screen, Josephine said she struggled to film the particular moment for the show, with producers even offering to rewrite the scene for her.

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Taking to her Instagram page ahead of the latest episode, she told her 70,000 followers about an email she had received from the director asking how she was with crabs.

It read: “Josephine would you mind reading that scene carefully and tell us if you feel like doing it?”

Recalling her reaction, she said: “I was like, ‘Oh my god, what is this all about?’

“Basically, in the scene Florence was touching… grabbing a crab for some reason.

“So I said yes, the director Richard sent me another email and said, ‘Are you sure Josephine? We can rewrite the scene if you want.

“I was like, ‘No I’m going to do it,’ I was crying inside but feeling so brave on the outside.”

Josephine then asked the cast if she could “meet” the crabs beforehand.

After getting used to the idea, the actress said she managed to film the scene in one take.

While appearing confident on camera and reassuring her colleague the crabs are fine on-screen, she admitted: “I’m literally crying and terrified.

“But, I did it the first time, I was so proud of myself.”

She went on to say that while the scene was funny to viewers it was “a real struggle” to get to grips with.

The actress followed up her post with footage of her practising how to hold the crab behind-the-scenes.

She could be seen taking deep breaths while squirming as she adjusted to the idea.

Death In Paradise airs Thursdays at 9pm on BBC One.


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