Daniel Craig Car Collection: From Aston Martin To Jaguar XJ, All His Cars Screams James Bond & Exotic!

From Aston Martin To Jaguar XJ: Take A Look At Daniel Craig's Exotic Car Collection
From Aston Martin To Jaguar XJ: Daniel Craig Has An Eye For Expensive Luxury & Exotic Cars(Photo Credit – Daniel Craig/Getty Images/Aston Martin/Jaguar XJ/Instagram)

Daniel Craig, who is well-known for his role as British spy extraordinaire James Bond in the eponymous film series, has spent a considerable amount of his reported net worth on his incredible car collection. Having played the role known for his style, sophistication, and suave nature, the actor has acquired some unique taste in luxury and exotic cars follow suit.

While the 53-year-old actor doesn’t like to flaunt what’s in his garage, his exotic car collection total to millions of dollars in valuation. Many of the vehicles were either gifted to him or included in contracts for films as well as other business arrangements. So let’s have a look at his collection.

Aston Martin DBS

The British actor is a fan of Aston Martin. It is one of the best cars produced by the automaker, the DBS, which features a naturally-aspired V12 and manual transmission. Interestingly, the car was used in one of his Bond movies and Craig was given one of the film cars after production wrapped.

Jaguar XJ

It is one of the much-coveted luxury British sedan which is known for its plush interior, something the British automaker certainly excels at. Daniel Craig owned car is also not a pushover when it comes to performance, thanks to the supercharged V8 engine.

Range Rover Sport

Since Jaguar has close ties to the James Bond movies, the 007 actors is seen behind the wheel of such proudly British cars. Moreover, Craig starred in an advertisement for the luxury SUV. So the actor may have received the luxury SUV as part of his payment for services rendered.

Aston Martin DB5

Another flagship car from a British car manufacturer that Daniel Craig owns. While no other car is so inextricably tied to the James Bond series as the Aston Martin DB5, we wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few hidden features in his car.

Ford Mondeo

This isn’t the type of car you would expect a star like Daniel Craig to ride. But maybe that’s the point. Most people wouldn’t be looking for Daniel Craig behind the wheel of a pretty mundane midsize sedan. So this allows him to fly under the radar when he so chooses.

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