Dallas House Transformed Into Nintendo, Super Mario Bros. 3 Game for the Holidays

There is a jaw-dropping holiday display on Belmont Avenue in Dallas that is serving as a bit of a time machine for many.

“The response has been exactly what we wanted. People honking their horns, hanging out the window waving at us,” Katie Milam said. “We wanted to spread cheer and silliness and playfulness.”

Katie and her husband Mike transformed their house into a giant Nintendo gaming system – complete with a Super Mario Brothers game playing on a makeshift television screen.

“It had to be Mario 3,” Milam smiled. “We like the classics.”

It has served as a major source of joy for the dozens of people who have stopped by to snap pictures.

“We hope that people that come by with their kids in the car can tell them and it trigger childhood memory conversations and ‘I remember when I played Super Mario,’” Milam said. “And if somebody who is having a bad day. You want them to drive by and hopefully smile. Bring a little bit of joy to people’s lives.”


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