Christopher Nolan In Talks To Direct A Marvel Cinematic Universe Film?

Christopher Nolan & Marvel In Talks To Join Forces?
Christopher Nolan Getting On Board The Marvel Flight To Direct A Film? ( Photo Credit – Getty images / Christopher Nolan ; Facebook / Marvel )

There can be no artist in the world who is not keen on working with the Marvel Cinematic Universe at least once in their lives. Be it for the art or the commerce of it all; the studio is a hotbed of everything one wants from cinema. In that case, what if we tell you a noteworthy filmmaker, let’s call him a stalwart, is planning to get on board for the superhero flight? And the name is Nolan, Christopher Nolan.

If you are done screaming in shock and surprise, the newest dash of the grapevine is to go by; Marvel god might have lured the greatest of the filmmakers of our times to take a seat on the panel. The newest reports have very hot gossip to offer and it is exciting for the MCU fans, but not so fun for the DCEU brigade. Read on to know everything you should about this exciting update of the day.

If you have reached till here, let us confirm that we aren’t joking, and yes, Christopher Nolan’s name is being associated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As per a report in We Got This Covered, the Tenet filmmaker is in talks with the studio bosses to direct a film for the universe. There is no confirmation from either side as to what is there for Nolan in stores, but the buzz is strong that the studio has approached him.

Not to forget, Christopher Nolan has been a DCEU veteran, and his directed Dark Knight trilogy is a specimen of immaculate cinema for years now. But what also is a reality is that Nolan is not on good terms with DC, and their latest release model has made the filmmaker upset. The model opens gates for films to release on the big screen and streaming at the same time.

Looking at this, it is quite possible that Marvel could seize the opportunity and bring Christopher Nolan under their umbrella. We all remember they did the same when DC fires James Gunn. Confirmations are with the future. Until then, stay tuned to Koimoi for more updates!

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