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Christmas is finally here! B-town stars have been pouring in wishes on their social media pages for their fans and followers. This year, the celebrations are completely different. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sophie Choudry will have a low-key Christmas celebration this year. In an exclusive interaction with Etimes, the diva spoke at length about her plans for the festive season. Excerpts:

What are your plans for Christmas 2020?

Every year at Christmas, we do lunch at home. My mom cooks an amazing feast, we exchange gifts, sing songs. I was born and brought up in England, so Christmas has always been really big. I maintain that tradition even when we are here. I know It will be harder for friends to come over but still, it will be special to be at home and be with loved ones, eating food, laughing, staying positive about the entire year and looking forward to the future.

How do you usually celebrate the occasion every year?

We have a big lunch at home. One or two-family members, friends join us. We do this really nice Christmas lunch. There is lots of food, laughing, chatting, exchanging gifts. When I was growing up abroad, Christmas eve would be all about family, being home decorating and putting presents under the tree. After moving to Bombay, I realise that it is also about going out, meeting friends. I know that’s hard this year but I hope to meet at least two or three of my friends in the evening.

Do you also play secret Santa amongst your family or friends?

I have never really done that. Ever since I was a kid, I was the one who would surprise everyone with gifts. I would always hide them where no one could find them and on the day when people would open gifts, my mom would always be shocked. So, I always surprise people with gifts.

Any particular gift that you gave was loved the most?

I am really good with gifts so generally whatever I give is always welcomed. For me, the most important part of my life is my mom. So I always get something special for her, be it a handbag or shoes. Sometimes my friends coming from London bring her favourite perfume. This year it is definitely harder but hopefully, I will manage to surprise them.

If you want one actor from Bollywood to be your Secret Santa, who would that be?

I know he is nice and so much fun, I love Ranveer Singh and he would be an amazing Secret Santa. Even Varun (Dhawan), he loves to make people happy. So I think that would be nice.


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