Chris Evans: Virgin Radio host addresses fears after suffering ‘unbearable’ health issue

Radio DJ Chris Evans, 54, was stunned to learn something about his bodily anatomy after speaking to an expert about why his hands and feet get so cold during the winter months. The former BBC presenter explained he suffers with the condition that he describes as “unbearable” and amitted it got to the point where he worried he had a serious health issue.

Chatting to his co-hosts on Tuesday morning, Chris revealed he shouldn’t have been so worried as he now understands why it happens.

“Lets talk about the old cold hand hands and feet,” he said.

“We’re becoming a proper cycling family and we love it and there’s some amazing hills where we live now that we didn’t know about.”

While the sport has become enjoyable for all his family, going out in the baltic weather at cycling speed where hands get the full force of the wind, only added to the pain of to his freezing cold limbs.

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“I had an issue with cold hands over the holidays, like really cold hands.

“I had to stop because my hands got really cold and I thought, ‘Have I got Raynaud’s Disease? Have I got problems with circulation?'”

Raynaud’s disease affects your circulation and can cause some areas of your body like your fingers and toes, to change colour when you’re cold or stressed.

He told the audience that with this on his mind, he asked the advice of Dutch extreme athlete Whim Hof, also known as The Iceman.

He continued: “But of course your hands and feet aren’t essential organs and your essential organs have to have 37 degree heat to survive and keep you alive.

“Your body, because it’s dead clever, says, ‘I can, if I have to, survive without any hands for the rest of my life but I can’t survive without my heart, my lungs, my kidneys, my liver and my brain and that is the golden triangle.”

Chris went on to explain that the body implements a shut down of unnecessary limbs in order to keep everything else going.


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