Chris Evans: Virgin Radio DJ admits feeling ‘irritable’ in on-air chat about mental health

Chris Evans, 55, has always been honest about his feelings with his loyal listeners and this week was no different, as he opened up about how he subconsciously reacts when he feels a wave of worry coming on. In a very open discussion with his Virgin Radio co-stars, the presenter revealed he gets “itchy and irritable” and needs to remedy his mood as soon as possible.

He spoke about identifying his various moods as coloured flags, saying: “It’s about turning red flags into amber flags.

“Not waiting until they’re red but realising when they’re just at the warning stage.”

He admitted that he “gets it all the time,” and his long-time colleague Vassos Alexander also feels the same.

“I feel itchy, I feel irritable,” Chris described.

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“I think, ‘I’ve got to get out outside, I’ve got to meditate, I’ve got to drink some more water or I’ve got to get some more sleep.'”

“It’s being able to see those things which in the past were just an excuse to turn right and now they’re a reason to turn left.”

His co-star likened the reaction to “escapism”, something Chris completely agreed with.

Elsewhere, the host revealed he’s seen some surprising changes in his habits after giving up drinking midweek.

“I can already feel at tonight [Friday 9 April] I’m not going to want one as much as I wanted one last night when I couldn’t have one,” he explained to Vassos.

But he quickly added, chuckling: “I’m still going to have one, don’t get me wrong!”

Vassos laughed as he replied cheekily: “I am going to want one… and I am going to have one!”

It’s not the first time Chris has decided to give up the midweek splurge having taken part in Stoptober, an initiative where participants don’t drink for the entirety of October for charity.

He also wrote about how easy it was for him to do so in his book Call the Midlife, where he explained how he went to chat to someone at Alcoholics Anonymous as fear was “playing on his mind.

“I went to see someone from AA about drinking,” he wrote in his auto-biography.

“Do I drink too much, do I have anything to worry about? All of these things that play on my mind.

“I have always thought about it. When I did 100 days not drinking that was such a revelation because I didn’t touch a drop. I didn’t know I could do it for a day.”

He added: “And it was so much easier than I thought and so much less revelatory. It didn’t impact on my life at all really.”

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6:30am on Virgin Radio.


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