Chris Evans announces unlikely career move away from Virgin Radio show: ‘I made a movie!’

Chris Evans, 55, revealed he “made a movie” this week, which left his co-stars Rachel Horne and Vassos Alexander very impressed. Without giving too much away about the project – which he hinted was Fisherman’s Friends 3 but didn’t confirm – the radio DJ discussed his excitement to be involved, while his team pressed for more details.

“It sounds like you’re definitely in the film,” an excited Vassos exclaimed after Chris gave them a little rundown of what happened off-air.

“That’s not a cutting room floor type of scene…

“Can we hear a bit more?!” he quizzed.

“‘That’s a wrap for Chris’ – great… but what else did they direct you to do?”

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Rachel chimed in: “Did they tell you what your emotions should be?”

Chris smirked as he admitted: “We had a table reading with the other actors, a couple of which who have won amazing awards!”

He went on to reveal he had a scene with Dave Johns – best known for his breakthrough role as Daniel Blake in the 2016 Ken Loach film I, Daniel Blake – and with James Purefoy.

Chris sounded ecstatic as he told Rachel and Vassos of how close Purefoy was to becoming the next James Bond before Pierce Brosnan was cast.

“And then, it was either him or Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, and I was opposite him yesterday!” he beamed as his co-stars seemed over-joyed.

And Chris remained smug as he told them that the writers, producers and directors involved, who he noted are “amazing” and brilliant at their jobs, told him he gave them exactly what they needed.

“‘You crack right on, carry on doing that,'” he repeated what they had said.

“This is pathetic, but I was once told by an actor, who I knew quite well because she was my wife,” he scoffed, “That it’s about listening, you’ve got to listen.”

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He went on to explain: “So you know what you’re going to say, but you’ve got to imagine that you don’t, so you listen and respond to what they say.

“That’s what I did and they seemed to like it!”

Vassos was in awe as he gawped: “That’s a good acting tip isn’t it!”

The radio DJ nodded, joking: “Yeah, you want to bear that in mind pal!”


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