Celina Jaitly: Male co-actors should not turn a blind eye when actresses are subjected to any kind of harassment – Eagles Vine

Former beauty queen, UN ambassador and actress Celina Jaitly believes that gender pay gap and support from male co-stars are two important issues. For Women’s Day tomorrow, the actress shares her views on how it is important to have constant support from male co-stars when an actress has to face gender discrimination or any kind of harassment.

She said, “There is a huge issue of remuneration and inequality of pay when it comes to male and female actors. If this issue is taken into consideration, it will bring relief and a huge revolutionary change in the film industry. There must be equality of pay structure and we must be paid equally like our male colleagues.”

Celina also feels strongly about harassment of women actors in the film industry. She said, “I strongly feel that male co-actors should not turn a blind eye to any harassment subjected to a female co-star. We would see a big difference if our male colleagues, superstars stand in our support during unavoidable harassment, which often an actress goes through on a film set or otherwise. I would like to see that change happening soon. It would be welcoming to see my male colleagues stand up for me. It would be unfair that just because I am a woman, they turn a blind eye to it.”

Celina added, “To bring a change in the industry, women can’t go match holding swords or lead a battle against these issues, we have to work together in tandem to make a difference. This applies not only to the film industry but all other professions too. I hope that both the genders of the fraternity bring a change and support each other in bringing peace and happiness.”


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