Carol Kirkwood reacts to BBC Breakfast

Carol Kirkwood, 58, was missing from BBC Breakfast, as the meteorologist reacted to her co-star Matt Taylor, 44, who stood in for the weather forecaster. He revealed a cheeky “imposter” was in the studio as Carol’s replacement.

Taking to Twitter, Matt explained that the show’s boss, Richard Frediani, had assumed that Carol would be fronting the weather but was mistaken.

In view of his 34,600 followers, the meteorologist admitted he didn’t want to “disappoint” so unveiled a show stand-in.

Matt penned: “Morning all! My @BBCBreakfast boss @BBCFrediani thought it was the wonderful @carolkirkwood on weather duties today. And you know me …I don’t like to disappoint! See you from 6am.”

He accompanied the post with a candid clip that showcased a Carol cardboard cut-out which he held in front of him.

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“Thanks for the chuckle,” a social media user remarked.

Carol recently took a break from her weather presenting duties but is due to return this week.

It comes after viewers recently quizzed the meteorologist about her role on Breakfast after weather forecaster Owain Wyn Evans stepped in.

Carol, who presents on weekdays, has spent more than two decades presenting the weather at the BBC.

Earlier this month, Owain stepped in at the weekend to front the weather forecast and was met with praise from viewers.

One user said they were “loving the new happy, happy weatherman” and another praised his “great weather reporting”.

A third wrote: “Morning Owain, a breath of fresh (if chilly) air having you on the box and in the studio this morning.”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays on BBC One at 6am.


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