Brooklyn ‘Jeopardy!’ contestant’s snarky faces go viral

“Jeopardy!” winner Julia Markham Cameron won both the battle and the war.

After scoring big on the game show Thursday, she also won over social media for her expressive appearance.

The Brooklyn attorney took home $16,450 for her debut “Jeopardy!” contest, guest hosted by “Big Bang Theory” actress Mayim Bialik.

But it wasn’t her wealth of knowledge that had fans of the typically restrained game show so fascinated with Cameron.

“I am LIVING for Julia’s facial expressions on Jeopardy! tonight,” said one fan, whose reaction was shared by many.

Dubbed #JeopardyJulia during the show, people couldn’t help but marvel at Cameron’s quirky countenance. Whether pondering a question with an exaggerated quizzical expression, or stumbling into the wrong answer with a grumble, she never stopped serving hilarious looks.

“I won’t lie, I was a bit mesmerized with Julia’s WTF expressions. #Jeopardy,” said another viewer.

Julia Markham Cameron
Fans loved her; geek girls wanted to be her.

“At least Julia is having fun on #Jeopardy,” one fan mused. “It’s not the norm, but nothing wrong with personality. Her quirky faces and comments do eat time though.”

And geek girls from around the world rallied behind the contestant.

“Julia is the embodiment of all of us geeky girls who one day dream of going on Jeopardy, and also happen to talk to ourselves (or the tv) in the privacy of our own home,” one said.

Julia Markham Cameron
“Jeopardy!” viewers on Thursday were shook by contestant Julia Markham Cameron and her quirky countenance. The attorney from Brooklyn will return tonight after winning $16,450 during her debut.

“Julia was the best contestant in the history of #Jeopardy … personality plus … You go gurl!,” added another.

In hopes that the moment might last beyond Cameron’s winning streak, fans suggested that last night’s show felt a little bit more like a “Saturday Night Live” sketch, adding that Melissa Villaseñor may be the perfect impressionist to nail those rubber-faced looks.

Cameron’s whimsy wasn’t entirely well received, but her detractors were vastly outnumbered.

“I can see the lines are sharply drawn on this one; here’s my two cents: I think she’s adorable!,” wrote one supporter.

“The first time Iaughed watching jeopardy,” concluded one viewer. “That Julia chick is quite the character I hope she have a long winning streak. All the Julia haters can f#$k OF#.”

Meanwhile, “Jeopardy!” diehards were also scrupulously watching host Bialik, one of the several celebrity guests to step up to the podium since the death of Alex Trebek. The debate over who should replace the legendary host is heated, to say the least, but fans on social media were altogether impressed with the “Blossom” star’s breakout.

“Mayim Bailik hosting #jeopardy. I think she’s the best one yet,” one reacted.

“Honestly, @missmayim makes a fantastic #Jeopardy host. I would love for her to become the new permanent host,” echoed another.


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