Bhor (Masaan) To Do Jahan (Haider), Here’re 5 Underrated Bollywood Tracks You Should Rediscover Right Away (Part 3)

Underrated Bollywood Songs To Get Into The Weekend
Bhor, Do Jahan, Naam Ada Likhna & Others, Underrated Bollywood Songs For You This Weekend ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

We are back to the day we work the entire week for, the weekend. Maybe you got up late; perhaps you are an early riser; no matter what time you are reading this, happy weekend! And guess what? We are back with our underrated Bollywood music recommendations too. As much as you enjoy listening to and rediscovering these tracks, I enjoy writing about them, and there is no way we both are stopping appreciating good music.

It’s a Sunday, and we do want to be lazy. If not lazy, at least stop for a bit. Sit on that chair near your window while you sip your coffee. Maybe our underrated songs might help you for the same. So as you prepare that mug of coffee, read on and let the music play.


Masaan was, is and will continue to be a gem of a film, and there is denial to that fact. It was a brave and brilliant move to have the Indian Ocean on board for the music of the film and we clearly can’t imagine this Vicky Kaushal-Shweta Tripathi starrer without Tu Kisi Rail Si. But one underrated Bollywood song that deserved way more than it got was Bhor. A song soothing and inducing goosebumps at the same time is a marvel. Take out some time and give attention to the soulful lyrics by Sanjeev Sharma.


if there is an album where AR Rahman not just let his creative juices flow but bring a tsunami, it was Delhi 6. While the album has precious gems that will stay with us till the end of our times, one song that did not make it to the mainstream and remained an underrated Bollywood song was Dil Gira Dafatan. A number too ahead from the shackles of the norm. Try to fix it in a box, and it won’t. There’s western influence, eastern vibe, and if that isn’t enough, Rahman adds classical instruments to it. Also, Ash King meeting Rahman in a dream sequence is a dream in itself.


It was Shoojit Sircar in his initial years telling the story of Kashmir and Shantanu Moitra sprinkling his magic at the same time. Moitra makes music that soothes you, makes you spread your feet by a window and let it play in the background. Naam Ada Likhna is two lovers describing each other, and it is one of Shreya Ghoshal’s best. And sadly an underrated song too.


It is rare that actors try their hand at singing and really succeed. Shraddha Kapoor is one of them. Though also subjected to criticism but one cannot ignore the fact that when she paired up with Suresh Wadkar for Do Jahan, we fell in love. Composed by Vishal Bharadwaj, penned by Gulzar, Do Jahan from Haider is a criminally underrated Bollywood song. Play it now, and feel the magic.


It is shocking how a song from the Rockstar album has made it to the underrated songs list. But sadly, it’s true, and Sheher Mein is one of those AR Rahman babies that is still waiting to find recognition. Give this Mohit Chauhan number a chance and let it grow on you. Once it does, there is no looking back.

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