Ayesha Curry Just Responded to Rumors She & Steph Have an Open Marriage & Side ‘Flings’

Over on social media, there has been recent speculation around the rumored subject of Steph and Ayesha Curry’s open marriage—but now, Ayesha is shutting those rumors down once and for all.

On January 10, 2022, the basketball wife and actress responded to a comment posted under a photo she uploaded of her husband from GQ’s February 2022 cover story of the NBA player. The comment read, “But yet you still want an open relationship smh. If I were him you woulda been sent to the streets already.” Ayesha responded, “Don’t believe everything you read. Do you know how ridiculous that is? Don’t disrespect my marriage like that. Please and thank you.”

Steph and Ayesha tied the knot in 2011. After over ten years of marriage, it was a huge surprise when rumors about their marital status were sparked after the Instagram gossip account, Deuxmoi, gave life to a rumor that the pair had relationships outside of their marriage. Although Deuxmoi never name-dropped the Currys, the account posted an anonymous tip stating, “Have it on good authority that this well-known NBA couple aren’t as faithful in love as their social media and image make them out to be!”

The tip continued, “They both have side hookups and flings but keep it very private to keep up the perfect family image they show to the world. I was shocked to learn, they’ve been together for so long.”

Since the Currys are known for their seemingly loving relationship based on their shared Instagram photos, interviews and more, fans assumed they fit the description. This, alongside a resurfaced 2019 interview Ayesha did on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk, fueled the rumor.

In the interview, Curry discussed her marriage and mentioned insecurities attached to a lack of male attention she receives outside of her relationship, especially when compared to the amount of female attention her husband receives as a basketball star. “Something that really bothers me and has honestly, given me a little bit of an insecurity is like ‘Yeah, there are all these women throwing themselves [at Steph] but me, the past 10 years, I don’t have any of that,” she said at the red table. “It sounds weird but I have zero male attention.”

At the time, Ayesha noted that she had even started to “internalize” the response and wonder if there was something wrong with her. “I don’t want it,” she said of the attention from other men, “but it would be nice to know that someone’s looking.” While this conversation sparked endless debates and criticisms toward Ayesha, it’s safe to say that the Currys aren’t letting the internet come between them any time soon.

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