Avengers Losing The ‘Endgame’ Battle Would’ve A Heartbreaking Conclusion Reveals Marvel

Marvel Studios Reveal What Would Have Happened If The Avengers Had Lost In Endgame
Marvel Reveals What Would Have Went Wrong If The Avengers Had Lost Against Thanos(Pic Credit: Marvel)

Marvel Cinematic Universe and its Avengers have never failed to impress its audience. The fan following for MCU is just immense and the love for it is 3000 from all of its fans.

But, Marvel’s Avengers and many other greatest superheroes of the universe, apparently fought against a potentially world-ending threat and surprisingly lost! It’s not us who says this. It’s the latest issue of Savage Avengers #24 is doing the talking!

In Marvel’s Savage Avengers #24, Doctor Strange made in some of his most powerful comrades to stop Kulan Gath from snatching over the earth. But, unlike in Avengers: Endgame, where the Avengers allied to end Thanos, Kulan Grath managed to win as he killed many heroes in the battle.

There are few moments in the latest issue of Savage Avengers that are more iconic than the Avengers last stand against Thanos. In the scene, The scene where dozens of heroes were teleported onto the battleground by Doctor Strange to help defeat the Mad Titan, was recreated in the pages of Savage Avengers, as Doctor Strange used identical gates to call in Marvel’s most powerful heroes to enable him to stop the evil conjurer, Kulan Gath. Strange surpassed across the universe to bring in Thor, the X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, and more to stop Gath. But, the huge war did not go as anticipated.

In Savage Avengers #24 by Gerry Duggan, Patch Zircher, Java Tartaglia, and Travis Lanham, the Avengers assemble to take on Kulan Gath, who has the City of Sickles floating over New York as he has mind-controlled the citizens of the city. Marvel heroes give their best to take down Kulan-Gath, but the evildoer Janls with them with ease, grabbing and chomping a chunk off Captain America’s shield while he uses a powerful blast from his eyes to rip through She-Hulk. But, even as they get more support, Kulan Gath still takes over the heroes.

The comic then flashes forward to 2043, where it’s disclosed that Kulan Gath destroyed Earth’s Strongest Heroes and humankind and relaxes on a throne. Nearly every hero is dead, save Conan the Barbarian (who becomes Doctor Doom), Doctor Strange, and Bruce Banner (although Kulan Gath torments him to inhibit the Hulk). Conan snappily finds Rama-Tut’s sarcophagus and jots down the words, “September 15, 2043,” which directs to Kang the Conqueror touring the timeline and asks why he’s been called for.

The dark future is the worst-case scenario for Marvel’s greatest heroes. Now, Conan and Doctor Strange will need to utilize Kang the Conqueror and travel back in time to stave off the dark future from ever happening.

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