Ankita Lokhande Reveals She Still Talks To Sushant Singh Rajput: “Dekho Log Tumse Kitna Pyaar Karte The…”

Ankita Lokhande Does Not Have The Guts To Write RIP On Sushant Singh Rajput’s Photos
Ankita Lokhande Opens Up About Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death (PC: Instagram)

Ankita Lokhande has been creating a lot of noise lately. After maintaining her silence for so long, the actress is finally opening up about SSR’s death. Sushant Singh Rajput died by suicide last year on June 15. Ever since all eyes were on his former girlfriend and her reaction to the same.

As most know, Ankita and Sushant were together for as long as 6 years. They were living together and even planned to tie the knot. However, things went upside down when SSR left the beauty for his career. Despite that, she was the only one along with his family, who kept fighting to get him justice.

In the latest revelation, Ankita Lokhande has said that she still sometimes speaks to Sushant Singh Rajput. The Pavitra Rishta actress also revealed that she does not have the guts to write ‘RIP’ on his pictures to date.

Ankita Lokhande told Bollywood Bubble, “People started judging me on not putting his picture on the same day he was gone. What do you expect from us? Koi apna chala jaata hai toh hum kya photo daalte hai (Do you put up a photo immediately after a loved one dies)? You won’t believe, till today, I have not ever posted any pictures of Sushant with ‘RIP’. I have no guts to put something like that for him. Because I can’t say, ‘rest in peace, Sushant.’”

She continued, “This thing will always be with me, Sushant ka jaana (his death). Now I have come to that point where I am normal. But we all have gone through so much — his family, me and my parents. I think the whole world was crying for him. Yesterday, there was this lady who came up to me and she was just crying. And sometimes I just feel like I can talk to him. So I was telling him, ‘tumhare liye dekho log kitna…tumse kitna pyaar karte the (see how much everyone loved you).”

Those words have got us emotional. More power to Ankita Lokhande!

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