Alexander Ludwig admits it’s been ‘a wonderful change’ exiting Vikings amid career change

Alexander Ludwig has opened up about the “wonderful change” he’s been exploring with his music career. The Bjorn Ironside star explained how it differed from his much-loved role on Vikings in a chat with Express.co.uk.

Alexander has been well-known as brutal viking Bjorn in the hit History and Amazon Prime Video series.

Since the show began in 2013, viewers loved watching the Norse chief across countless battles.

Therefore, many were devastated when his character died in the final series of the show.

However, Alexander has now opened up about his exit and how he’s been enjoying exploring his music career.

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The star released his first self-titled EP back in May featuring songs like Love Today, Sunset Town and Summer Crazy.

Asked about the change after playing the character for such a long time, the actor said: “Yeah, for about six years. It’s been a wonderful change.

“I mean, I’m very lucky in my life that I’ve never been stuck in a role or stuck in anything.

“I think even just the films I’ve done they’ve been such different characters. It’s really exciting to begin to do music.”

“It’s like asking me if I want food or water at the end of the day I need both to live.

“I finally feel for the first time in my life that, for lack of better words, I’m complete or full.

“I’m finally pursuing the things that I know since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to do.

“So it’s been such an amazing breath of fresh air getting to explore something new.”

Speaking about his exit from the show in its final series, Alexander also said he was really pleased by his send-off.

“I think they really did right by me,” he explained. “Michael [Hirst, series creator] and I had talked about that ending for a long time.

“Without getting too specific, you know, my decision to leave was mine at that time.

“And I’m really happy I chose to do that.

“People had asked me, ‘Why do you leave at that time as opposed to why didn’t you finish the full show?’

“Well I’m happy I chose that and a lot of the reasons were I had other projects I needed to move on to and stuff as well but also I’m really happy that the brothers got their chance to finish their story.”

Alexander Ludwig’s self-titled EP is available to listen to now.


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