Adrian Chiles, 53, slammed by partner for still taking washing and ironing to mum’s house

Adrian Chiles has admitted he has only just started doing his own washing and ironing at the age of 53 after the coronavirus pandemic prevented him from travelling to his parents’ home, where his mum would help him out with the household tasks. The former The One Show host revealed his reluctance to wash his own clothes prompted his partner to brand him an “effing disgrace”.

Adrian didn’t take offence to his partner’s point and finally decided to take on the chores himself.

Before he changed his ways due to lockdown rules, Adrian was driving his washing 125miles from his home in Chiswick, London to his parents’ home in Stourbridge, West Midlands.

Following his change of heart, the television presenter has found that ironing has been a source of comfort for him in lockdown.

Opening up about the situation, Adrian divulged: “When I visited my parents, I would take bags of washed — and, indeed, unwashed — clothes for a loving maternal flattening.

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Adrian previously interviewed Rosie in February in her constituency of Kent for his TV show Brexit: Who’s In Charge?.

A source told the publication at the time: “It’s the talk of the House of Commons, especially after they were seen together.

“They appear to be very keen on one another, indeed.”

Adrian his ex-wife Jane tied the knot in 1998 and were married for 10 years before they decided to split in 2008.


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