Adarsh Gourav On Life After The White Tiger: “I Am Getting To Audition A Lot More”

Adarsh Gourav: I want to play a track athlete
Adarsh Gourav: “I Want To Play A Track Athlete” (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Actor Adarsh Gourav says his dream role is to play a track athlete someday as he was one back in school but never a great one.

Talking about the same, Adarsh told IANS: “I want to play a track athlete. I used to be a track athlete in school but never a great one. So I want to play a great track athlete and live my unfulfilled dream through cinema.”

Adarsh garnered global recognition with his performance in the film “The White Tiger” including a nomination at the 74th British Academy of Films and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards earlier this year.


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