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Actor Mukesh Khanna took to his social media to express his grief as his sister Kamal Kapoor passed away in Delhi. He shared that after winning over COVID-19 in 12 days, she succumbed to lung congestion. He wrote, “कल घंटो मैं मेरी मौत की झूठी ख़बर का सच बताने का संघर्ष करता रहा। लेकिन मुझे पता नहीं था कि एक भयंकर सच मेरे ऊपर मँडरा रहा है।आज मेरी इकलौती बड़ी बहन कमल कपूर का दिल्ली में निधन हो गय, उनके निधन से काफी मर्माहत हूँ ,हम सब परिवार सकते में आ गये हैं । १२ दिन में कोविड को हराने के बाद लंग्स के कंजेस्चन से वो हार गई। पता नहीं ऊपर वाला क्या हिसाब किताब कर रहा है। सचमुच मैं पहली बार ज़िंदगी में हिल गया हूँ। अश्रुपूरित नमन,भावभीनी श्रद्धांजलि।।”

(Yesterday, I struggled for hours to clarify rumours around my death. However, I had no idea that an ominous truth was upon me. Today, my only elder sister Kamal Kapoor has passed away in Delhi. My entire family is in shock. After fighting off COVID-19 in 12 days, she succumbed to lung congestion.)

Yesterday, in an interview with ETimes, he had said, “I am fed up, literally fed up. I don’t know what to say or do to rumour mongers who are out on such futile exercises which cause only fear, chaos and anxiety.”

Mukesh has starred in films like ‘Maidan-E-Jung’, ‘Raja’, ‘International Khiladi’, ‘Hera Pheri’ and more. He is widely known for his title role in ‘Shaktimaan’ and reprised the unforgettable Bhishma Pitamah in ‘Mahabharat’.


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