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10 Strict Rules To Be Kris Jenner’s Assistant

You already know that being one of Kris Jenner’s children is pretty much a full time job. But imagine how much worse it is for her actual employees! We’ll tell you some of the super strict rules that her assistants are forced to follow.

1. Confidentiality

The Kardashian family may be known for showing off on social media, but the employees are expected to be extremely discreet. After all, Kris can’t have them selling all her secrets to the tabloids. When Kylie Jenner was pregnant with baby stormy, she had to let go an employee that she suspected of leaking information. Kris Jenner knows that her family goes through a lot of ups and downs, and needs somebody mature and trustworthy enough to deal with it without spilling the beans. So if you’re a gossip, this is definitely not the job for you.

2. Financial Accountability

Obviously, anyone who works for Kris Jenner is doing so for a paycheck and not purely out of love for the Kardashian family. But Kris makes it clear to all employees that her family isn’t their meal ticket, and if they decide to blab, she’s coming for them. She’s well aware that many of her employees aren’t exactly flush with cash, and knows that some of them think that they might not have much to lose. But Kris lets her employees know that they need to be prepared for litigation if they dare do anything to disgrace her payments. She isn’t afraid to garnish your future wages, or work out a payment plan that could take a decade to pay off.

3. Hands-On Learning

Listening to Kris Jenner describe working for her family, it almost feels like she thinks it’s some sort of internship. According to Kris, she learned much of what she knows simply by paying close attention to what was going on around her. And whether you love or hate her, we have to admit that she’s done well for herself and her family. She believes that working for her is an incredible opportunity, because she and her family are so creative and innovative. Just being around the Kardashians so much should practically be payment enough.

4. Non-Stop

Between managing all her successful children, and doing her own thing, it’s obvious that Kris Jenner has her hands full. No wonder she needs an assistant! Her life doesn’t stop, and that means that she needs an assistant who is willing to work around the clock. Even when the family isn’t working on a project, they’re brainstorming trying to come up with their next big venture. This means that an assistant has to be available 24/7 just in case Kris Jenner comes up with the next big Kardashian money-making venture. Kris is determined to pack all that she can into each and every day, and that means being ready to go at a moment’s notice.

5. Advantages

According to Kris, working for her family can lead to fame as long as you work hard and know what you’re doing. And it’s true that many people who have been associated with this family now enjoy a new level of Fame that they didn’t have before. This includes people like Stephanie Shepard, Monica Rose, Jen Atkin, and Victoria Villarroel. Kris Jenner says that all you need is some common sense, and a little bit of street smarts to succeed as her assistant. If you want to leverage your position into something more, Kris says that you need to take advantage of what you have going on around you and turn it into something spectacular.

6. Spontaneous

Working for Kris Jenner isn’t your typical 9-5 position. You need to be ready and willing to think on your feet, and be prepared for whatever the day throws at you. Steph Shepard once worked for Kim Kardashian, before being the Chef operations officer of Kardashian West brands. She claims that she did everything from simple scheduling and laundry to putting together baby strollers, and working on ideas for the launch of kimoji. When you work for the Kardashians, an average day doesn’t exist, and you need to be ready for anything that the day could possibly bring.

7. Time Management

Because Kris is so eager to pack as much as possible into a single day, assistants need to be adept at time management. After all, you never know what will be next, so you need to complete things as quickly and efficiently as possible, and learn to prioritize. Steph Shepard recalls that her day was filled with phone calls, meetings, and dealing with recording Keeping Up with the Kardashians. There was also the multiple outfit changes, and frequent trips to the airport. If you’re looking for a fast-paced, exciting position, being Kris Jenner’s assistant might be just a great fit for you. If you can keep up.

8. Bumble Buzz

It’s clear that Kris Jenner isn’t looking for an impressive resume. Her assistant has to mesh well with her personality and that of her busy family. Since they’ll be spending a ton of time together, it makes sense that they’ll need to be compatible. Kris Jenner has teamed up with bumble, and yes, we’re talking about the dating App. They have a new feature called bumble buzz, which is a networking and mentoring mode. Kris Jenner is utilizing this feature to find her next assistant. So if you’re used to online dating, you might just have a leg up on the competition using this tool.

9. Pet Projects

Working for the Kardashian family isn’t all snapping selfies and scheduling business meetings. You’ve probably noticed that the family loves to accumulate fluffy four-legged friends, but did you ever wonder who takes care of them? If you can’t exactly imagine Kris Jenner’s scooping out a litter box, you’re not alone. Previous employees have claimed that they deal with all aspects of pet care, including walks, bathing, and even house training. So if you want to work for Kris Jenner, a love for animals is a definite must. The Kardashian family loves their pets, but their busy schedules means that they sometimes need some extra help looking after them properly.

10. Micromanaging

The Kardashian family relies on people that they can trust, but it takes a while to get there. Just like with any other relationship, it takes time to establish a rapport and Trust with the Kardashian family. Former employees have claimed that until you prove yourself, you’d better get used to being constantly micromanaged by all members of the family. Kris Jenner has built up quite the empire, and she’ll do anything to keep it from crumbling. Sometimes she struggles with stepping back and letting people do their jobs. Once you prove yourself, she may let up a bit, but you’ll need to get used to having your actions constantly questioned and scrutinized.

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