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10 Laziest People Who Are Actually Geniuses

We live in a world where hard work and innovation is rewarded and laziness is looked down upon. However, did you know that lazy people are said to be smarter than the average person? Here are 10 laziest people who are actual geniuses!

1. Baby Bath Time

Baby Bath Time

Parenthood is a pretty exhausting job in the first place, especially for first time parents. You’re literally taking care of a new life and placing it in your own hands, monitoring their health and emotions. Because of this, parents are constantly looking for a moment to be lazy so that they can get a break. So, maybe kudos go to this parent, who was probably tired of corralling wandering toys while their tot took a bath. Just put your baby in a laundry basket at bath time and no more will you be fishing for toys!

2. Hoodie Popcorn

Hoodie Popcorn

Popping popcorn is one thing, but it is a whole daunting task to decide whether to seek a bowl to keep your freshly popped corn, keep it in a bag, or figure something else out. While the origin of this brilliant idea is unknown, the person who came up with the concept is certainly brilliant! The genius put on their hoodie backwards and put the popcorn inside the hood. In this case, you could get away with not even using your hands. All you need to do is tip your head down and enjoy your snack!

3. Tape Measure Cinema

Tape Measure Cinema

Sometimes the very act of turning one’s head is too much effort. Unfortunately, couches and televisions don’t have similar angles where head turning can be avoidable. In this genius’s case, all he needed was a tape measure, some tape, and his cellphone. With those three tools, this guy was able to enjoy some entertainment without the burden of a head turn!

4. Taking a Snooze

Taking a Snooze

Taking a nap on public transportation is probably one of the most uncomfortable experiences one will have in their lifetime. There just isn’t a comfortable way to take a nap without waking up with bad neck pain and restlessness from a terrible sleep process. But the guy in this picture is a genius, and didn’t have to shell out a bunch of money for travel pillows. All he needed was a scarf and the ability to tie a knot. In this guy’s case, he has support for his head, and can breathe through the scarf. Plus, this genius has the benefit of no one being able to see his face.

5. Soda can Chute

Soda can Chute

Enjoying a can of soda upstairs means that eventually, you will have to get up to throw it away downstairs. But the geniuses who came up with this invention get an award for creativity and resourcefulness. In this picture, you can see a pipeline installed under the railing of a staircase, and at the bottom is a trash can in a very convenient place. All these lazy people have to do is put the can in the tube, and it’s in the garbage, without having to trek the stairs!

6. Radio Controlled Parenting

Radio Controlled Parenting

A dad from Texas is being hailed as a genius after he was so lazy, he didn’t have the motivation to drag his twin boys around in a little red wagon. Instead, he created a hack using a remote controlled car to literally pull the wagon for him. Instead of pulling with his body, all he had to do was get his controller out and simply move his fingers so that his boys could have the time of their lives! People were so impressed with this genius laziness level the video of the family quickly went viral on YouTube!

7. Noodle Fan

Noodle Fan

Enjoying a bowl of ramen is one of life’s simple pleasures, but there is a substantial amount of effort needed to cool your food by blowing on it. With the chopstick fan, all you have to do is attach the battery powered fan to your chopsticks, and it does all the blowing for you! The Japanese inventor who created this contraption is certainly a genius, and they have made the lives of noodle lovers that much easier without the burden of a burnt tongue!

8. Taking out the Trash

Taking out the Trash

Taking out the Trash and putting the can out on the curb is a pretty simple task, but it is also one of the biggest pains in the butt on the chore list. Pulling out the can and walking in to the street can take minutes and sometimes requires a certain level of heavy lifting depending on what you’re tossing. However, this lazy genius has figured out a way to take the trash to the curb without adding steps to their pedometer. Granted, it takes some creative maneuvering, but not impossible!

9. Moving Steel

Moving Steel

In a story that was posted online by an online author, a naval officer who was clearly not a morning person, and was dealing with the burden of having the Sun in his eyes. So he calls the bridge and has them move the ship by about 15 degrees. By enforcing that order, he was able to shift the Sun from his eyes perfectly while eating his bagel half-asleep. Technically, all he had to do was shift his position, but instead, this genius was so lazy that he shifted an entire ship for the sake of his laziness.

10. Shoes in Line

Shoes in Line

This is what happens when several lazy geniuses get together and devise a way to keep their place in line without having to actually stand in line. By placing their shoes on the ground, these geniuses were able to keep their place in line while taking a seat and reaching the peak of their laziness. They say that there is power in numbers, and clearly the people in this photo were able to put their minds to work while resting their bodies!

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