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10 amazing treehouses from around the world

When we were kids, some of us were lucky enough to have our very own treehouses. These became our fortresses, where we could keep out our younger siblings and parents, while kids may use treehouses to read comic books, or hold important meetings, many adults use treehouses in order to relax and indulge in total luxury. In this article, we’ll tell you ten of the most luxurious treehouses in the world that will blow away the one you had as a child. You won’t have to scale a tree in order to find our trivia question! We’ll be sharing it with you somewhere in the article, so look carefully between the branches.

1. Keemala

Nestled deep in the forests of Phuket, Thailand is a resort that looks more like it belongs on the surface of Endor. The Keemala resort features incredible treetop houses that boast luxurious furnishings and breathtaking vistas. Each type of room at Keemala is inspired by one of the four elemental, fictional Phuket tribes. Their treehouses are said to have been designed by the we-ha, or Sky clan in mind. According to the legend, these ancient people had advanced understanding of the universe and built their homes high to better obtain better creativity and liberty. These spacious villas feature two floors and are complete with private pools, and upper-level master bedroom, and a large lounge and dining area. Even the furniture inside the treehouses fits into the theme, as it’s suspended above the floor. There are cocoon like beds and loungers, so you can pretend that you’re nestled up in an actual bird nest high up in a tree. Albeit a much more comfortable and expensive one. Lounge in your private treetop pool while taking in rainforest views. When you’re finished, you can rinse off in your monsoon shower, or continue to soak in your stand-alone bathtub.

2. The Seventh Room

The treetops hotel in Northern Sweden is definitely the place to go if you’re interested in incredible treehouses. While you can catch a glimpse of one made out of mirrors, or one designed to look like it came from outer space, none is more luxurious than the 7th Room. While they didn’t spare any effort on the name, since it was the 7th treehouse built on the property, they spared no expense on the structure itself. If you stand under the tree and look up, you might just miss it! The underside of the building is covered in a life sized photograph of the treetops before the house was put in. Once you get your bearings, you’ll climb over 30 feet to enter the treehouse. Take in the breathtaking view of the Lulu River from the large panoramic windows, or check out the epic Northern Lights from the various skylights. There is a patio, but it’s unlike any you’ve ever seen since it’s made from a net. This way you can climb on the trees without risk of falling. You can lay on the net and safely observe the forest floor below, or roll over and look at the starry sky.

3. Chateaux Dans Les Arbre

If you’re having trouble deciding whether to spend your first class vacation in a castle, or a treehouse, you may not have to choose. On the site of a moat belonging to a former frence Chateau are six luxury, mystical castles in the sky. If you’d like your sky castle to overlook the edge of the forest, you must book a night in the Chateau Monbazillac. While this treehouse and all the others come complete with your own private Jacuzzi tub, this one offers panoramic views of the forest and of the castle of biron in the distance. If you want a little extra space in your treehouse, you can find the Chateau Hautefort in the branches of a Hundred year old oak tree. Cross a wooden bridge over the moat, and you’ll find yourself in a private courtyard. But if indulgence is your primary concern, check out the Chateau biron. In addition to the standard hot tub, it also features a sauna, clawfoot bathtub, and a walk in shower. Relax in front of your indoor fireplace and sip on an ice cold drink from the minibar. This treehouse also has the most privacy and the best views of the forest.

4. Treehouse at Kilauea Volcano

If you’re looking to get away from it all, hiding near a volcano isn’t a bad plan; surely nobody will come looking for you there. It’s just that with all the sulfur and lava, it’s usually a pretty inhospitable place to be. Unless of course you are talking about the treehouse at Kilauea volcano in Hawaii. Less than five minutes away from the entrance to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, this first class treehouse has two floors, and two porches one of which contains a hot tub. The furniture and bedding is of spectacular quality, and after you wake up you can see the Sun filtering in through the beautiful stained glass windows. You’ll be situated in the upper canopy of the trees so you can see all the gorgeous flowers, tropical birds flying by and the stars shining in the evening. There’s even an outdoor shower if you want to spend a little extra time stargazing before turning in for the night. The house is made of recycled wood, and the fir floors and redwood and cedar siding were once part of an old church. Even the journey to this treehouse is thrilling, as you traverse a path that leads you through the forest with lava boulders set on either side.

5. Tsala Treetop Lodge

Between the African coastal towns of Knysna and Plettenberg Bay lies the Tsala Treetop Lodge. It’s located in the heart of the garden route and features absolutely breathtaking scenery, world-class dining, and of course, incredible treehouses. If you don’t need a ton of extra space, you could book one of ten treetop suites. Each is tucked into the forest canopy and features unique Architecture. They are constructed of natural material such as stone, and wood. You’ll have access to a plush bedroom, an elegant sitting room, a spacious bathroom and your very own fireplace. Step out onto the deck and you’ll see your very own infinity pool. Although they’re aesthetically similar, the six treetop villas at Tsala treetop Lodge are the ultimate in opulence. Each is lavishly appointed, and contains two bedrooms complete with modern touches. Enjoy sweeping views of the forest, or relax in the sizeable lounge complete with fireplace and dining area. You have your choice of taking an indoor or an outdoor shower, and of course your private deck comes with its own infinity pool. Should you decide to venture out of your room for a bite to eat, you can even take your meals in the treetops on the special dining deck suspended above the forest floor. While the treehouse on our list go for quality over quantity, the biggest treehouse in the world is out there. Our quiz question is: Where is the biggest Treehouse in the world located? Stay with us for the Answer!

6. Chewton Glen

Chewton Glen is located on 130 acres of lush greenery in Hampshire, UK. The resort prides itself in creating opulent experiences for its guests, and will even have a chef hand deliver you a meal to your treetop abode if you wish. In addition, each treehouse comes with its own private Terrace and hot tub. Suspended 35 feet above ground are a luxurious series of treehouses. You won’t have to worry about chilly feet in these treehouses, because all of the floors are heated. Take in the forest views from your marble bathroom complete with a large freestanding bath. You can curl up in the living room in front of the fireplace and watch something on the flat screen TV. Or you can play your own music thanks to the Ruark R4 audio system that hooks right up to your Bluetooth device. There are several different models of treehouse, each with a unique layout, so you can choose the one that is the right size for you. Whether you’re treating your whole family to a treetop vacation, or you’re looking for a romantic getaway for two.

7. Tongabezi

This River hideaway is located on the banks of the Zambezi River, just upstream from the majestic Victoria Falls in Livingston, Zambia. Created with romance in mind, their take on a treehouse is nothing short of stunning. To reach your secluded treetop getaway you’ll need to traverse a hidden path that winds along a cliff face. There you’ll see the treehouse set against a basalt rock bed, high in the branches of three Riverrine ebony trees. From its sustainable pine deck, you’ll be able to take in fantastic views of the Zambezi River, and you’ll even be able to enjoy your meals while doing so. Feel free to request an elegant lunch or candlelit dinner served on your private deck. The front of the house is completely open, making it seem like it’s part of a natural forest surrounding it. The bathroom is complete with a resplendent claw foot bathtub position so you can have a perfect view while you enjoy a soak. All throughout the dwelling you’ll see exotic furnishings such as Asian chests, Anatolian carpets, and West African artwork.

8. Tranquil Resort

If you don’t like vacationing too far from your morning cup of coffee then the Tranquil Resort in Kerala, India is perfect. Situated on a private 400 acre coffee and spice plantation, this hideaway is nestled in the remote and lush rainforests of Wayanad. This resort specializes in tranquility and features two treehouses. The tranquilitree tree treehouse can be found atop a gul mohar tree, and it overlooks the beautiful coffee plantation. The decor is rustic in appearance, but luxurious in quality and comfort. Step out onto your private balcony, or take a rest in your king sized bed. You’ll sleep right below one of the tree branches, making you feel like you’re part of the jungle. The serene tree treehouse is even more spacious, and includes a sizeable veranda overlooking the coffee plantation. 127 species of bird have been identified on the plantation, and by spending your vacation in the trees, you’ll be able to enjoy their songs and be able to see as many as possible during your stay. If you ever get tired of the tantalizing aroma of coffee and spices floating through the breeze into your treehouse, you can explore the resort’s other amenities. These include massage services, a Jacuzzi and a swimming pool.

9. Kanopi House

Amidst a tropical Jamaican jungle full of 100 foot Bunyan trees, chartreuse bamboo, and flowering magenta ginger Lily, you’ll find a secluded Oasis full of luxurious treehouses. You’ll be able to overlook the Caribbean Sea from the branches of a tree, or walk down a private shoreline that wraps around a Blue Lagoon filled with beautiful coral and many sea creatures. Kanopi house offers four wooden treehouses, each with peak roofs and built in a classic Island style. Open the French doors and louvered windows and experience the natural splendor of the rainforest. You’ll find the chic decor to be an eclectic blend of colonial and West Indian designs. Each treehouse is tastefully appointed with artwork and textiles created by local artists. Some of the treehouses even have lounges that open up to a covered veranda. You’ll enjoy both indoor and outdoor showers as well. And if you’re a fan of the environment, you can rest easy knowing that no trees were cut down in order to accommodate these treehouses. And all the wood used to create them is locally sourced, sustainable hardwood. Even the laundry hampers and wastebaskets are woven from traditional Jamaican banana leaves.

10. Xinalani Yoga Retreat

If you’re a yoga enthusiast, you won’t want to miss the chance to spend an evening at the Xinalani yoga retreat center in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. You’ll have the opportunity to practice yoga in both open-air and heated yoga studios, and spend your evenings in “Eco-Chic Accommodations.” Enjoy being immersed in the lush jungle from your treehouse and taking views of the Emerald Ocean. You’ll be shielded from the Sun by a palm-thatched roof. Wake up from your canopied bed and be immediately treated to a view of the majestic sea. If you can’t get enough of the cool ocean breeze, you can even take your showers outdoors in the open air shower. While there are many incredible rooms to choose from, the echo chic suite is the most opulent of them all. They come complete with luxury linens, and pillow top mattresses. You’ll also enjoy lounging on a hammock on your private Terrace, or reading a good book in the sitting area. Instead of having to choose whether you want to spend your vacation gazing at the glittering sea or at the majestic jungle. You can enjoy both from the best possible vantage point around. If you want to take a break from luxury and check out the world’s largest treehouse. You’ll have to travel to Crossville, Tennessee to see the infamous Minister’s treehouse.

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